Sports Industry

The sports industry is very big in most countries. For example, take North America. In North America alone is expected to produce $73.5 billion by the end of this decade and of that, $20.9 will come from media deals related to what companies and organizations get to host athletic events and who gets the first scoop on breaking stories. To get started, find what interests you and what topics you’ll be motivated to research.

All of these facts can be intimidating, but if anything, you should be encouraged by this large stature. This means there are more avenues and more opportunities for someone to get involved in sports journalism, whether through print, online, radio or television or any combination in between. Topics could be as simple as the play by play of a football game, or the highlights of a round of golf. Or, the journalist might have a goal of digging deeper on the topic of their choice. Are you trying to find out more about the history of a sport? Of a team? Of a player or coach?


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