Finding Stories

Finding a story could be stressful, but this part should be fun! You can brainstorm what interests you and you think would make an excellent piece of media. For example, you could start by choosing your favorite sport. Then you could narrow the focus by listing specific teams or people of interest, whether the athletes or those who support the athletes, such as coaches, assistants, family and friends or fans. Once a person or team is selected, another brainstorming session is a good idea to generate topics. You can figure out possible story ideas such as unique qualities they have. Perhaps the topic is about a team that is highly successful or struggling and the focus is why that is occurring. It could be that a specific player or member of the teams community has a unique story about how they came into athletics or how their upbringing lead them to pursue a job in sports. There may be someone or some community facing a unique situation or challenge, and that is the focus of the story.

There is also the possibility that there is a story out there that no one knows about yet. You as the journalist may have a general interest in an athlete or team, so you read up on their history, get to know what they are up to or their goals for the coming events, and you stumble upon something. This could be something positive or negative, something unique or common or could be a shocking discovery that will attract the attention of a lot of people. The most important factor is that it is interesting and will draw in consumers.


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