Sports journalism can be an exciting field to break into. No matter what time of year it is, there is sure to be some sort of athletic event happening on television, over the radio or being discussed online. If you could increase your enjoyment by getting involved, but aren’t necessarily athletically gifted, sports journalism may be your way into that world. There are so many avenues and topics to explore, so as you try one area, you can move onto the next if the first doesn’t work out, or you can try a balance of multiple areas. A sports journalist doesn’t have to be defined by one sport or even one medium. They could run a blog, while also hosting a television show or a weekly sports podcast, or anything in between. Just because print journalism isn’t as popular as it once was doesn’t mean there are no ways to break into journalism in a sustainable way. In fact, the world is growing every day for those who are interested and curious about finding out more.

If your curiosity and interest has gotten you to this point, the best way to break into the field is to explore. A traditional route would be to go to a journalism school and to complete internships that lead to full time positions. But, that isn’t necessarily your dream. For writers, starting a blog is a good way to get used to the process of submitting and publishing work. Once your portfolio is built, you can submit work to publications of your interest, whether newspapers, magazines, websites, etc. This could lead to freelancing work or more regular employment, such as a weekly column or daily post online. For those interested in television, radio or podcasting, the best option would be to intern, learn the ropes, then apply it in your own digital portfolio. After it is built up, much like the writers, you then need to send it to places that interest you. This can lead to regular work. At worst, regardless of the area of focus, you’ll get some feedback to help you strengthen your work and to grow as a sports journalist. If you keep working at it and are willing to take notes and improve your work, something will eventually work for you, whether you are hired or you find your exact area of interest in journalism, and you can take it from there.


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